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In Tennessee, Child Support is based upon an income-sharing model. This means each parent’s income is considered when setting Child Support. The gross income of each parent is Entered into a Child Support Worksheet. The amount of daycare and or childcare costs, the cost of medical, dental and vision insurance for the child(ren), and the number of days the child(ren) are spending with each parent are all entered into the Child Support Worksheet.

Many caveats can arise when preparing a Child Support Worksheet, such as counting the number of days to enter into the Child Support Worksheet. An issue can also arise when calculating the amount to use as a parent’s Gross Income when there are self-employed parents involved or if a parent is in the military and some of the earned income is not subject to federal income taxes. Additionally issues can arise when medical insurance is kept by both parents and step-parents. Moreover, in some cases children have recurring medical expenses or private school tuition to consider when creating a Child Support Worksheet. Lastly, if a blended family is involved where there are other Child Support orders in place that are actually being paid or there are other minor children that are living in the home of a parent, then this issue must also be addressed when calculating a Child Support Worksheet.

Therefore, if you are seeking to hire the best attorney for you because you are creating an initial Child Support order, modifying an existing Child Support order, or enforcing an existing Child Support order, you should make sure your attorney has knowledge and experience with Child Support cases. Your lawyer should ensure that the amount of Child Support that you are paying and or receiving is accurate and equitable.

Here are questions I can answer with respect to your Child Support issue:

  • Who is responsible to pay for child support?
  • How is child support calculated?
  • When can the court deviate from the child support guidelines?
  • What income is included in the computation of child support?
  • What court procedures are used to make a child support determination?
  • If I have an order for support, how do I make the other side pay?
  • How do I enforce a child support order?
  • How do I collect, if the payer parent lives in a different state?
  • What can I do if I cannot afford to pay the support I owe?
  • Will my current spouse’s wages or assets be taken into account when setting child support?
  • Can my current spouse’s assets be taken to satisfy a child support obligation that I owe?
  • If the payer goes to jail for non-payment of child support, will current child support still be owed to me?
  • Do I need a lawyer?

When considering hiring an attorney to represent you in your Child Support matter, you must find the best attorney for your situation. Because the factors in the Child Support Statute are very complicated, the outcome of your case will vary depending upon the evidence you present to the Court.

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