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Without question, Audrey Anderson is the reason I have full custody of my son. I still remember the day I walked into court, knowing the odds were stacked against me, simply because I was a man. Audrey’s insights and expert approach made all the difference in the world.

Hiring Audrey Anderson….was and is the best lawyer ever…she works so hard on your case and is a fighter in the court room and is always looking out for her client…She is worth every dollar spent ..Audrey got me what i needed and more per the law.

A year ago I was in desperate search of an Attorney. Not just an Attorney but an experienced, brilliant and well versed no nonsense get it done attorney. At the recommendation of my colleagues I hired Ms Audrey Lee Anderson. As a physician I know that not all practitioners in my field are equally gifted. So I had no illusions about other professions. I was on the hunt. I found one and her name is Audrey Lee Anderson. I can not say enough of this lady. She is attentive, dogmatic, fearless and resourceful. She knows her stuff. Since then I have referred others to her because I know what she is capable of and I have come to expect no less from her. Thanks Audrey. Keep on doing what you are very good at because you are of the very best. Thanks.

Audrey Lee Anderson handled my divorce case very well. Although my ex kept throwing in demands that made the process drag out, Ms. Anderson was well versed in dealing with all of the in-and-outs of divorce cases, and knew how to respond to each motion as it came up. She stood up to my husband and his attorney when they tried to bulldoze me into giving in. She is excellent at negotiating outcomes favorably for her clients, and I felt comfortable with her as my legal protector. I really appreciate the professional way she handled my case, and would hire her again.

Ms. Anderson and her staff, were extremely efficient and professional. Ms. Anderson took the time to personally address my questions and concerns, and also gave me immediate support and guidance. She was direct, thorough, and wasted no time in reaching my goals. A definite thumbs up on her performance. She and her staff will be my absolute first call, should I ever again need legal counsel.

Audrey Anderson takes pride in representing those who are in need of her assistance and delivers results. She was very attentive when I reached out to her and she reassured me that everything would be ok. Working with her, I have learned, that she is always right in that respect. Everything is always ok because she takes her knowledge and passion for the law and mixes it with her compassion and understanding of her client to achieve success. I highly recommend Audrey Anderson and will continue to utilize her services when needed. Audrey is an exceptional Lawyer, but more so, she is family.

I have personally used the services of Ms. Audrey Lee Anderson, Atty At Law. She was very thorough and knowledgeable on all aspects of law. She is an excellent family law attorney and her assistant is superior too. Everything is handled timely and efficiently. I would recommend the services of Ms. Anderson. Five Stars. Exceptional.

I used Audrey Anderson for my divorce. She came highly recommended by a friend of mine. She handled everything promptly and efficiently which helped my divorce process go smoothly. She has an incredible assistant that really stays on top of everything. They both communicated well with me so I never felt in the dark about what was going on. I would absolutely recommend her for my family and friends.

Audrey was my second attorney in my divorce/child custody case that lasted 4 years (she had it wrapped up in less than a year after I hired her). She and her team were wonderful from the very beginning. She is very aggressive, knowledgable, trustworthy, and she gives her complete attention to your case. Her team thought of things and found things to use in my case that I never would have thought of and they got me the outcome I was hoping for and more. If you want an attorney who is quick, intelligent, and going to take your case seriously and put all the effort in to get you what you want, she is definitely the attorney you want on your side.

After the first meeting with Audrey regarding my Divorce case, I was put at ease … not because it was a simple case, but rather because I thoroughly knew what I was facing and how to prepare for it. I quickly learned that my representation was second to none. Audrey is forthright, astute and makes your interest the highest priority. By no means should anyone ever underestimate this assertive attorney … her approach and ultimate handling of my case led to a constant escalation of confidence. While there are no guarantees in such delicate matters, any fears that I had dissipated and I was pleased with the outcome. I wasn’t told that my case was the most important one that Audrey was handling but it certainly felt like it. She didn’t try to impress me, but the impression that was made will benefit me for life. EXCELLENT LAWYER!

Ms. Anderson is an excellent lawyer! She does what she says she is going to do and does her very best for you. She is not afraid to stand up for what is right. She will not just sit at the table and twiddle her thumbs! She is very well versed in the state laws and will go the extra mile to make sure your family concerns and needs are met. We will recommend her. If you want a “Git R Dun”, caring person, Ms. Anderson is the attorney to call!

Audrey was the 2nd attorney I had in my divorce case and after having my 1st one sit on his thumbs for 3 years, she had my case completed in less than a year! She got me an outcome that I didn’t even think I could get and she and her team showed me dedication I’ve never seen from another attorney. If you need an intelligent, aggressive, stand up for what’s right attorney who will put in the time and effort you need with amazing legal knowledge, Audrey is definitely the one you want on your side!

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