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In Tennessee, you can obtain a divorce by a Ground for divorce called Irreconcilable Differences, which is a no-fault, uncontested divorce. You can also obtain a divorce on a Ground that is fault-based and contested. If you have no children and all terms of the divorce are uncontested, you can be divorced in sixty (60) days after you file. The wait time is ninety (90) days if you have children.

It may seem easy to file for a divorce on your own by using information and forms found online. However, you should consider hiring the best attorney to work on your behalf and represent your interests.

Here are some reasons why hiring an attorney is an advantage to you during your court proceeding:

  • Using an attorney can help you be certain the legal documents presented to the court will accurately state your wishes and help ensure the divorce decree will be free of errors or unclear language that could make parts of the agreement difficult or impossible for you to enforce in the future.
  • A person who goes to court without legal counsel may find that problems with the paperwork or other issues could result in a delay in the court’s ruling. This could very well delay the date that the divorce is final. By hiring an attorney, you can avoid problems that could cause a delay and get your divorce completed as quickly as possible.
  • Mistakes can happen when handling your own divorce. For example; you can forget to address an issue, such as a medical or credit card debt. You can underestimate or overestimate the value of an asset. You can make a significant mistake that may cause financial harm that requires future legal proceedings to correct it.
  • Lastly, stress is a huge factor for anyone going through a divorce. While the attorney will need to gather information from you, they will take care of almost everything else, allowing you more time to take care of yourself and your family. There are enough things to worry about when you are getting divorced, so let the attorney take care of the legal work.

Having an attorney that has experience handling divorce cases can help make sure you received everything you deserve out of the divorce proceeding. When choosing the best divorce attorney for you, consider the years of experience the attorney has in the family law area of practice and the attorney’s recognition by their peers in the industry.

In considering hiring an attorney to represent you in your divorce matter, you must find the best attorney for your situation. If you choose to hire me to represent you in your divorce, the first thing that I will do is work with you to seek an amicable resolution to settle your case. If that is not possible, I have years of trial experience that I would use to help you in obtaining your divorce. My initial goal would be to help you define the scope of the work you need done. Secondly, I would strive to keep you current and up-to-date on the status of your case so that we could work together to obtain the best result possible given your situation.

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